History – Origin and Evolution

Saline Water Specialists (in brief SWS) was founded in 1996 in the form of partnership between Sofinter (51%) and a group of managers (49%) with proven experience in seawater desalination, deaeration and ion exchange. The experience of the management was originated by the previous activity in other companies like SOWIT of Belleli Group. When Belleli closed its operations, the management resigned and made their expertise available to SWS through a legally correct procedure, thus also obtaining  the registration of SWS in the “National Builders List”.

1997 – SWS became operational by acquiring the first contracts from international Clients. Two years later it obtained the ISO 9001 certificate.

2001 – The share capital was increased by the entry of SUEZ Group. Later SUEZ sold its shares to the French Company SEDRAT.

2004 – SWS obtained the ISO 14001 certificate.

2006 – SOFINTER acquired and the shares of SEDRET’s and of the management thus acquiring 100% of SWS.

2007 – SWS was incorporated into Sofinter, thus exploiting the best technical and industrial synergism with the sisters companies of Sofinter group.

The original technology brought by the management has been continuously up dated and improved through internal R&D programs. Now SWS owns patents and excellent know-how, enjoys the record of packages delivered successfully to Power Plants and Refineries in over 30 countries worldwide.