ME/TVC process (Vapor Thermo Compression)

The seawater distillation is realized by heat transfer between condensing vapor and a thin liquid falling film evaporating.

The process takes place through a number of evaporation stages (effects) each of them working at a different pressure. The primary steam is driven to the first effect, there condensed and producing vapor from sea water, afterwards the generated vapor enters the next effect and, while condensing, releases his heat to the evaporating sea water.

A cascade of stages is therefore realized, through which the vacuum rises up to the final

When Thermocompressor is applied, the primary steam is supplied in pressure as motive fluid for the recompression of a portion of vapor, by this increasing the mass performance of the system.

Sea water is required in excess as cooling medium, in order of the heat reject for Heat Balance closure while only a portion of the total sea water demand is used as make-up to the process.