Spray Valves & Trays Arrangement

The feed water is sprayed above the trays. The inlet heating steam is conveyed from the bottom by the walls of the same chamber, so that a countercurrent flow is settled between the steam and the falling water. While falling, the water is heated up to the working saturation condition and releases the gas content, so that at the last trays layer no gas is present in water.
The deaerated water falls down in the below holding tank. Connections are also arranged as steam pressure balance, since it is important to have no pressure difference between the tower and the tank.
The quality standards of SWS units are in compliance with the most severe requisitions of the Power Industry.
Our expertize include condensate, make-up demineralized water and sea water to be deaerated in a large range of production rates from 10 t/h up over 2000 t/h.
The design of SWS is based on well proven proprietary equipment, such as spraying valves and deaerating trays, adequate to ensure a final oxygen content according to the requirements of each project, up to 0,005 ppm.
The efficiency of the process arrangement and the ability in localizing large portions of the construction works worldwide, enhance SWS’s flexibility and competitiveness.
Our engineers are available to assist the customers in the selection of the most convenient process scheme, selection of materials and operating conditions for the most effective deaeration performance.
The excellent design of the spraying valves and trays and of their combination in an effective arrangement ensures the requested performances with the most reliable and compact equipment.