Code of Ethics

Sofinter S.p.A., together with its subsidiary companies (or simply “the Group”), is a leading international manufacturer of systems and components for the production of steam for industrial use and for the production of electricity, systems and components for the treatment and incineration of waste, systems and components for the treatment of water. It also provides an after-sales service for these products (service, global service and spare parts).

The Group’s primary objective is to broaden activities within both its core business and new sectors. Pursuing this objective will involve, among other things, progressive international expansion.

In order to define the values to which the Group conforms in order to achieve its objectives with clarity and transparency, this Code of Ethics has been drawn up. This is a tool whose adoption and to which the adherence are of primary importance to obtain the results set by the Group as targets.

Furthermore, the multiplicity of operators – be they internal (Shareholders, Management, Executives, Employees) or external (current and potential Clients and Suppliers, external Collaborators not bound by an employment contract, Lenders, Creditors, Public Institutions and the Community) – is attaching ever greater value not only to business performance and results but also to other aspects such as quality, image, reliability and, more generally, to the enterprise’s reputation in terms of ethical, social and environmental responsibility.

In order to establish and maintain a relationship based on trust between the Group and the above operators, the obligation of constantly complying with prevailing laws is imposed first and foremost, in the knowledge that legal requirements may not, however, be sufficient and need to be accompanied by a set of both general and specific ethical standards that are capable of guiding behaviour and individual and collective choices, so that the interests involved may be pursued as effectively as possible. Ethics is therefore of absolute importance when it comes to guiding the behaviour of company.

Bodies, Management, Employees and external Collaborators not bound by an employment contract, beyond company regulations and procedures.

The Code of Ethics is the “Charter of rights and fundamental duties” through which the Group sets out and clarifies its ethical/social responsibilities and undertakings with the various internal and external operators referred to above.

The Group must therefore undertake its activities in conformity to all legal requirements and principles of honesty, reliability, impartiality, loyalty, transparency, correctness and good faith. In order to meet the aforementioned goals, Group Employees and all those co-operating in the running of Group company businesses are required to observe company rules and regulations and the principles established in this Code of Ethics, making all their wealth of technical, professional and ethical expertise available to the Group. To this end, Group companies undertake to ensure that the Code of Ethics is circulated as widely as possible and to provide the appropriate information tools regarding its content.

The Group will oversee compliance with the requirements contained in this Code of Ethics, whilst also ensure that any corrective measures and transactions introduced in the event of its being violated are duly transparent. It also reserves the right to follow up and punish any behaviour that breaches the tenor and spirit of the Code of Ethics.

Download Sofinter Group Code of Ethics in pdf format