Code of Ethics, Staff and Workplace

5 – Staff and workplace policies

5.1 Human resources

Human resources are considered indispensable for the existence and future development of the Group.

The Group is committed to respecting individuals’ dignity and to ensuring that legal provisions relating to the accident prevention and safety in the workplace are duly observed.

In order to use to the full the abilities and skills of each Employee and to allow each Employee to express his/her own true potential, the functions responsible for such matters shall:

  • apply criteria of merit and professional competence toward its Employees;
  • select, recruit, train, pay and manage Employees without any kind of discrimination, acting in such a way that all employees are treated fairly and equally, regardless of their sex, age, nationality, religion or ethnic origins;
  • guarantee each Employee equal opportunities.

Employees must be aware of the Code of Ethics and of the behaviour laid down by it. To this end, Executives and to heads of the various business units and functions shall be points of reference within their respective organisational structures should the need for further clarification arise.

5.2 Harassment in the workplace

It is a Group requirement that no harassment of any kind should arise within internal or external work relations.

The Group does not permit sexual harassment.

5.3 Alcohol and drug abuse

Each Employee must refrain from performing his/her activities whilst under the influence of alcoholic substances, drugs or substances causing similar effects. Each Employee must also refrain from taking any such substances whilst performing his/her duties at work.
Situations of chronic alcohol and drug addiction that affect an Employee’s performance at work and may impair the normal undertaking of his/her activities shall also be associated with the above cases.

5.4 Smoking

The Group takes into special consideration the situation of anyone complaining about the presence of smoke and asking to be protected from “passive smoking” in the workplace. To this end, the Group may impose special smoking bans.

  1. General Principles
  2. Ethical Principles
  3. Relationships of employees with third parties
  4. Corporate Governance. Transparency of accounting practice and internal audit procedures.  Anti money laundering
  5. Staff and workplace policies
  6. Safeguarding safety and protecting the environment
  7. Confidential information and privacy protection. Insider trading

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